Fun Things to Do at Home

As a homeschooler, my schedule hasn’t changed much since we were ordered to remain home. Other than not being able to work or go to dance, my life is the same! I know for many other people, that isn’t the case. Some people I know have been struggling to stay busy (or sane) while stuck at home. 😏

Maybe I can provide a few ideas for how you can occupy your time. Going to school at home my whole life has certainly taught me how to stay occupied. These days, I’m never bored! ☺

First, this could be a good opportunity to spend more time with God. If you don’t know you have a relationship with God, or if you have questions about growing your relationship with God, contact me!

Another idea is to send encouraging texts, emails, letters, or other messages to those who may need uplifting. Doing so doesn’t take much effort, and it could bring someone a lot of joy. (Dr. David Jeremiah gave me that idea in a recent sermon.)

Also, finding or continuing a hobby is a great idea. Reading, taking up an instrument (there are plenty of free online lessons), writing a blog, or drawing are just a few ideas. Perhaps begin doing something you may have seen, wanted to try, and never did, such as knitting, painting, or baking.

Try to continue the activities that have been postponed. If you play a sport, practice by yourself or with your family. I dance, and I’ve been practicing my dances and technique a couple days every week. You may return better than before! 

Also, my family and I have been busy spring cleaning and organizing. It’s not the most fun task, but quite rewarding! 😉

I wanted to include activities that are less commonly thought of. What do you think? How are you using this time?

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