Fun Things to Do at Home

As a homeschooler, my schedule hasn’t changed much since we were ordered to remain home. Other than not being able to work or go to dance, my life is the same! I know for many other people, that isn’t the case. Some people I know have been struggling to stay busy (or sane) while stuck […]

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God’s Remedies

God is such a good God – I think if we just lived as he intended for us to live, we wouldn’t suffer many of the physical and mental problems that we experience. Science has proven that things God provided naturally have many health benefits. However, in our modern world, sometimes we miss out on […]

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Coloring Books Are My Thing

I love to color. And no, I’m not five years old. I love using colored pencils on the “adult coloring books” with the super intricate designs. The first few I colored had kind of random and crazy colors, which is fine, but if you know me, you’ll know I am never satisfied with fine! So […]

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