What Would You Like to See on My Blogs? 

Because the school year is coming to a close for me at the end of April, I am getting very excited for summer. Lord willing, I’ll be working more once school finishes, but I also hope to have time to blog more and do other fun things. ☺

First of all, thank you very much, my consistent readers! I want to be able to read your blogs more once school ends as well. Even though I wasn’t reading your blogs, you still read mine and comment frequently! Thank you.

Next, what posts would you like to see on my blogs? I blog about a variety of topics, such as:

Shae’s Days

  • Photography
  • Working out
  • Food
  • Day-in-the-life
  • Music I enjoy
  • Health
  • Clothes
  • Life happenings

    Teen, Meet God

    • Scripture
    • Personal experiences
    • School writing
    • Topics on my mind

      Would you like to see more of any of those topics specifically? 

      Here are some more post ideas I have. Which ones interest you? 💡

      Shae’s Days

      • Dance
      • Summer plans
      • Books I am reading
      • Workouts I do
      • Q&A
      • My job
      • Short pieces of writing

      Teen, Meet God

      • My daily Scripture reading and notes
      • Things I struggle with
      • Lessons I teach at church
      • Short pieces of writing 
      • Q&A
      • Quotes/poems/anecdotes I think you’d like
      • Songs I play at church
      • Backward Q&A (I ask a question, you all comment and answer it!)

      Did any of those sound interesting? 😀

      12 thoughts on “What Would You Like to See on My Blogs? 

      1. I like the second set of Teen Meet God possibilities. I haven’t had much time to read, but now that AJ is older, I’ve been able to start writing again. Next on my agenda, I want to get back to reading my favorite bloggers again, one of which is yours. 🙂

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      2. I enjoy the balance of topics that you cover! The “more post ideas” all sound intriguing, as well. Some of the ideas that really stood out to me from “Teen, Meet God were my daily Scripture reading and notes, Things I struggle with, Quotes/poems/anecdotes I think you’d like, and Backward Q&A! I look forward to seeing more content from you! Blessings!

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      3. Post whatever’s on your heart. 🙂 Q & A and back Q & A would be something more on the fun side, and I’d also like to know what godly books you’ve been reading. 🙂

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