Fun Things to Do at Home

As a homeschooler, my schedule hasn’t changed much since we were ordered to remain home. Other than not being able to work or go to dance, my life is the same! I know for many other people, that isn’t the case. Some people I know have been struggling to stay busy (or sane) while stuck […]

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Beautiful Bathroom

In our house, God has blessed my with my very own bathroom! I have been told that my accommodations will go downhill from here (college dorm, tiny first house, fixer upper, etc.) so I am truly grateful for such a nice room and bathroom. 🙂 A while ago, we finally finished renovating it. Previously, it […]

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House Plants

I miss taking garden photos! I found an indoor version, though – our African violets and orchids. Below might be my favorite, because of the clarity and rich contrast. This angle is so cool! These leaves are kinda wilted, but I think the plant will be okay…? I’ve always been fascinated by the mineral deposits […]

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Bathroom Renovation!

For the past few months, my parents and I have been working on my bathroom! My mom and I shopped for the fixtures and my dad and I did the installation. When we moved here, my bathroom was carpeted… The sink leaked… There was a mushroom growing next to the toilet at one point… So […]

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