Fun Things to Do at Home

As a homeschooler, my schedule hasn’t changed much since we were ordered to remain home. Other than not being able to work or go to dance, my life is the same! I know for many other people, that isn’t the case. Some people I know have been struggling to stay busy (or sane) while stuck […]

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God’s Remedies

God is such a good God – I think if we just lived as he intended for us to live, we wouldn’t suffer many of the physical and mental problems that we experience. Science has proven that things God provided naturally have many health benefits. However, in our modern world, sometimes we miss out on […]

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A Dusting

We’ve had a dusting of snow over the past few days. It looked so fresh and delicate, I’m glad I went out to take pictures! [W]ash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. – Psalm 51:7 (KJV)

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New Ukulele

With some money I received for Christmas, I purchased a beautiful spalted maple ukulele. I wanted one that will last me a lifetime of playing, and I’m very happy with it so far! Maple has a bright, clear, full sound, which I wanted for versatility.  It seems quite well-made and is a pleasure to play. […]

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Tips on How to Begin Working Out

As a new year’s resolution, many people decide to begin working out. That’s a great decision to make, but many people also lose motivation very quickly. I love to work out, and I’d love to help you learn to stick to working out and enjoy it! Research. Find information on how to reach your specific […]

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Healthy Homemade Hot Cereal

One of my go-to meals is “noatmeal,” a dish with very few carbs that has the texture of oatmeal. A warm bowl of hot cereal is a wonderful way to start a winter day!  The ingredients are all pretty bland, so you can add pretty much whatever you want! I’ve made my noatmeal flavored with […]

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Christmas Decorations 2019

My home always looks very festive this time of year, thanks to my Christmas-crazy mom. 🙂 I do love all her decorations, and I think this year they are especially beautiful. Here are shots of only some of the displays. It would have taken me hours to get pictures of them all! Here’s my room! […]

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