What I Was Looking For | Part II

I sat alone in the silent dormitory. I was supposed to be packing my things, since a car was coming to take me to my parents in two hours. But I wasn’t planning to attend Everett’s funeral. The previous night, I had sneaked into the nurse’s office and stolen a bottle of sleeping pills. I […]

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What I Was Looking For | Part I

Maisie, why were you born? My reflection gave no reply. I turned from the bathroom mirror in disgust. What was I missing? A laugh from the hall outside the bathroom startled me to action. I washed my hands and splashed my face with cold water, attempting to feel alive. All I felt was my throbbing […]

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Snowy Day

We got some lovely snow a couple of days ago. The next day was bright and sunny, so I decided I had to go out and get a few pictures. There aren’t many, because I was hurrying to take them between school, lunch, and work. But I had fun! Enjoy! God thundereth marvellously with his […]

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A Day in Miss Potter’s Life

Hello! I’m Miss Potter, Shae’s cat. I think it’s high time you guys learned a little more about my fascinating life, so I had Shae take some pictures to show you what a day in my life is like! We begin when Shae’s alarm goes off. I watch her get ready for the day. I […]

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Why Do We Have Free Will?

This is a more serious post than usual for this blog, but it is part of my “days.” 🙂 I wrote this essay for school, and my mom (who is also my teacher) helped me edit it after I turned it in. It’s about the existence of evil and free will. Let me know what […]

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