~Decorating Cookies~

The other night, my little brother Rowan and I decorated some gingerbread cookies, which he has been begging to do for a while. They are his favorite cookie, so my mom kindly made some dough and he helped cut out and ice them. I saw a blog opportunity… So I joined in with my camera. […]

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When I get tired, one thing I have to watch out for is complaining. I don’t even do it out loud, but in my head I get very whiny. I’m so exhausted. Why do I always have to do this job? Or… All I want to do is have a cup of tea and go […]

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The Biggest Part of My Life

A couple weeks ago, our pastor’s son was ordained! And yesterday night, he gave a really good sermon. I can tell he has gotten a lot of experience, and he did a great job. The message was out of 1 Corinthians 9, and the theme was having the gospel pervade your entire life. Even so […]

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Blue Zebra Nail Art

Today, I’m going to show you a simple nail art technique for a fun, unique look! 😃 My mom bought me a set of nail art brushes, and for this project, I used a wide fan brush. The first step is to apply one or two coats of a base color. Next, once the base […]

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Three Fall Recipes I Love

Sigh… Fall is here! Or at least, it’s supposed to be. Here, it’s about 85°F, so we are at the tail end of an Indian summer. So because it doesn’t feel very fallish outdoors, I thought I’d share some fall recipes and fool myself into believing the seasons changed. 😂 Recipe One: Pumpkin Spice Latte […]

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Awesome Christian Workout Songs

I love listening to music while I work out, but if I just played an album I liked through Spotify, many times I’d end up skipping half the songs because they weren’t good workout songs! To solve that dilemma, my mom and I made a workout playlist with lots of our favorite upbeat tunes. We […]

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A Bit of Creative Writing

Today in school, we had to write a couple of descriptive paragraphs. I thought you guys might like this one, and it was so fun to write! This is a scene description from near to far.             I lean over the edge of the turret. Armor clanking, I survey the […]

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Fun Fall Outfits ;)

Hey, everyone! Since you guys all liked my first outfit post so much, I wanted to do a fall edition! Enjoy! ❤ Outfit # 1 I wore this one to church last Sunday, and my mom was like, “You look so cute! Let me take a picture of you!” So she did. I really love this outfit, […]

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Back-to-School Healthy Snacks

I suffer from a common affliction among teens. Perma-hunger. And if I let my hunger go too far, I become as hangry as that biker on the Snickers ad. So especially during the school year, when my brain will fail without food, I need snacks. But I also don’t want to feel bad about what […]

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