Where Are the Thanksgiving Carols?

Thanksgiving seems to be a neglected holiday in some ways. People skip right from Halloween season to Christmastime (or even straight from summer to Christmas). But there are so many wonderful things about Thanksgiving! My mom and I were questioning why there isn’t really Thanksgiving music. Then, we realized that there is! Here are some […]

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Human eyes are unbelievably complex. I’ve seen some incredible pictures of human eyes, like this one from Pixabay. With my new lens, I took some pictures of my little brother Rowan’s eyes. I think I need some practice, but his eyes are quite striking! Oops. I spy a photographer. This next one is a favorite […]

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Macro Succulents

I was able to buy a new macro lens! For my birthday, I received money toward a lens. After some research, I decided on a Canon EF 100mm F/2.8. I scoured eBay for a long time to find an affordable one, and I finally did! I am so thankful to have gotten it, and it […]

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Fun with Light

For fun, I went through my pictures and selected a few that would be fun to edit. I edited each one two vastly different ways. Let me know which ones you prefer! Pair # 1 Pair # 2 Pair # 3 Pair # 4 Pair # 5 Pair # 6 Pair # 7 Literal meaning […]

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Quick Low-Carb Bread for One

As I have said before, one thing that is important to me is taking care of the body God has given me. One way I do this is by avoiding refined sugars and other carbohydrates. But I’m not perfect… Although I eat very few carbs, sometimes, I want a sandwich. Or toast. 🥪🍞 This one […]

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Fall Decorations

My mom loves decorating with candles, pumpkins, and dried flowers. I have seen some gorgeous fall decor photography, and I wanted to try my hand at it! Let me know in the comments which picture you like best. I always love to hear your perspectives! I agree with my mom in that the decorations look […]

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My First Job

On Tuesday, I got my first job! The business was only the second one I’ve ever even sent my resume to. Praise God I found a job so quickly! What an answer to prayer! I’ll be working for a small company that does bus tours and charter bus rides. They needed someone to help with […]

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Autumn Wildflowers

Along the edge of the woods, we have so many lovely wildflowers! Let me know which is your favorite. My favorite is #3. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 Have a restful, worshipful Sunday!

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Jason Gray Concert

Last night, my mom and I went to a Jason Gray concert! It was wonderful. I got to hear him sing some of my favorite songs, and he also gave many personal testimonies about why he wrote them. If you didn’t know, Jason struggles with stuttering; he started off by admitting that, and that vulnerability […]

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