Around the House Close Ups

On Saturday, I walked around our house with my camera and took some close ups! I hope soon I’ll be able to do more photography outside, but it’s still rather stark out there. Anyway, enjoy! Let me know your favorites! ~the hand rail on the staircase~ ~the base of a wall-mounted candle holder~ ~the weave […]

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Five Spring Yankee Candles

Well, here I go talking about the weather again. But it’s finally warming up! The thermometer hit 70° today! In honor of such a wonderful occasion, I thought I’d share my top five Yankee Candle scents for spring! If you didn’t know this, my family loves Yankee candles. We have all sorts of scents all […]

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Easy Rich Hot Chocolate

Can you believe it’s March 7th? I certainly can’t… It’s snowing! I’ve been awaiting warm weather for a while now, but I guess God wants me to learn to appreciate my current situation, no matter what ☺ Anyway, it’s still great weather for hot chocolate, so here’s my own recipe that is creamy, dark, and […]

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Many Bears (and a Few Bunnies)

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve loved stuffed animals! Thanks to wonderful family members who bought them for me, I have quite the massive collection. 😀 This is the Brown family. They have two adopted kids, Cream and Blue. This rabbit is very photogenic. Anyone remember Angelina Ballerina and her friend, Alice? I […]

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Five Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

You may have already known this, but chocolate (more specifically, cacao) can provide wonderful health benefits. This is for news for chocolate lovers like me! Before I get into the benefits, first let me give some guidelines for choosing the healthiest chocolate. The darker, the better. Dark chocolate obviously has more cacao and less milk […]

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Colored Pencils

If you didn’t read my post about coloring books, you may not know that I like to color! in my desk drawer, I have an innumerable amount of colored pencils. On a dreary day like today (Saturday) some vibrant color is just what I needed to see 😉 In most of the pictures, while editing […]

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A Week in Our Lives

My mom, Meredith from My Way Home Life, and I thought it would be fun to do a week-in-the-life post, so last week we took notes about what we did each day. I hope you find it interesting! Shae On Sunday, we got in quite a bit of relaxing. Church was canceled, morning and night, because […]

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My mom loves antique clocks, and we have several at our house. I picked a few to photograph, and let me tell you, clocks are so much easier than cats. This first clock is mine. My grandfather gave it to me! This silver one could be my favorite. I think the back is so cool. […]

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Songs for Concentration

I don’t know about you, but something that helps me concentrate while I work is some quiet instrumental music. I made a Spotify playlist just for that called Music for Concentration! It especially helps when my little brother is having trouble focusing during school. Here are some favorites from that list. “Blind Spots” by C418 […]

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