Fun Things to Do at Home

As a homeschooler, my schedule hasn’t changed much since we were ordered to remain home. Other than not being able to work or go to dance, my life is the same! I know for many other people, that isn’t the case. Some people I know have been struggling to stay busy (or sane) while stuck […]

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Tips on How to Begin Working Out

As a new year’s resolution, many people decide to begin working out. That’s a great decision to make, but many people also lose motivation very quickly. I love to work out, and I’d love to help you learn to stick to working out and enjoy it! Research. Find information on how to reach your specific […]

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My First Job

On Tuesday, I got my first job! The business was only the second one I’ve ever even sent my resume to. Praise God I found a job so quickly! What an answer to prayer! I’ll be working for a small company that does bus tours and charter bus rides. They needed someone to help with […]

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Beautiful Bathroom

In our house, God has blessed my with my very own bathroom! I have been told that my accommodations will go downhill from here (college dorm, tiny first house, fixer upper, etc.) so I am truly grateful for such a nice room and bathroom. 🙂 A while ago, we finally finished renovating it. Previously, it […]

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Songs for Concentration

I don’t know about you, but something that helps me concentrate while I work is some quiet instrumental music. I made a Spotify playlist just for that called Music for Concentration! It especially helps when my little brother is having trouble focusing during school. Here are some favorites from that list. “Blind Spots” by C418 […]

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