Vacation Photography

A few weeks ago, my family went on vacation to Wisconsin on Lake Michigan. We had an incredible time, which you can read about in my post Vacation | Lessons Learned and Fun Times on my other blog, Teen, Meet God. Without further ado, here are the pictures I took when my dad and I biked to the beach at sunrise. I’m so excited for you to see them!

I was glad we arrived several minutes before sunrise. We were afraid to miss it, so we biked there rather briskly! 🙂


IMG_1444 edited
This is a favorite of mine. My dad explained to me how he likes to go home with at least one shot that captures the essence of the location. This one does that for me!
IMG_1455 edited
This grass reflected the light so beautifully!
IMG_1471 edited
Whose bike tire tracks are those? 🤔


IMG_1526 edited
There was a lot of driftwood in the area, so we discussed how to subtly take a log home for a bench in our garden. We didn’t end up doing that. 😛


IMG_1533 edited
This was fun to take! My feet didn’t get too wet, thankfully.

IMG_1552IMG_1562 editedIMG_1564 editedIMG_1568 edited

IMG_1574 edited
This one also captures the essence of the place for me!

IMG_1611 edited

IMG_1612 edited
Can you believe this isn’t the ocean?
IMG_1407 edited
This one was taken in the predawn soft light.

IMG_1501 edited

IMG_1548 edited
Can you guess who the owners of those shadows may be?

IMG_1582 edited

IMG_1593 edited
Another essence-capturer!

IMG_1597 edited

Do you have a favorite?

Have you been on vacation this year? What has been one of your favorite vacations? I’m interested to find out!

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29 thoughts on “Vacation Photography

  1. Your mom took my word. STUNNING INDEED! ❤ Have you thought about selling your photos? I think you have beautiful for the photography business. I have a friend who is a photographer and she is doing really well. One thing she did a few years back was start to sell her photos as stock photos and she made some cash from that. If it is ever something you consider, I think you'd be quite successful at it 🙂 Your eye for angles is brilliant!

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  2. My favs are the 1st and second sunrise, the reflections on the grass, the sunrise pic where the sun is reflected in the outgoing wave, the one right after your feet, lol, and the one you commented looks like the ocean. 😊
    Great pics! What wonderful memories!

    Liked by 2 people

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