Macro Spring Flowers

At last, we had a day with excellent conditions for macro flower photography! The air was still, and the light was golden. I hope you enjoy these shots! I had fun taking them, and looking through my lens, I was blessed with a chance to marvel at God’s detailed creation. Each flower is a masterpiece; […]

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Little Spring Flowers

Lately, all the sweet little early spring flowers have been coming up in our flowerbeds. It seems like all the early spring flowers are very small. 🌸 I hope these pictures I took of them will brighten your day!  ~Siberian Iris~ ~Crocus~ ~Tulip~ ~I don’t know what this is 😜~ ~Peony~ ~Vinca~ My Bouquet 

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A Look Back

Since I am beginning school next week, I thought I’d create a post with one picture from every photography post I did this summer. Enjoy! May 5 ~ Bugs and Blooms May 12 ~ Dance Pictures May 19 ~ Close-up Creations May 26 ~ Bouquets June 2 ~ Food Photos June 9 ~ The Woodpile June […]

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Shots of Shoots

More and more plants are coming up! My windows are wide open and the sun is shining. I cheated – this is fake dew from a squirt bottle. Don’t tell anyone. These purple spikes will be hostas before you know it! It’s a forest for a bug. At last, some green in the woods! Just […]

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Signs of Spring

If you’ve been reading my blogs lately, you’ll know that I’ve been ready for spring for quite some time! This past week, the weather has finally gotten with the program and it’s warming up. Here are some shots of early spring around here! *Finally got this banner done! I’m so happy with how it turned […]

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Five Spring Yankee Candles

Well, here I go talking about the weather again. But it’s finally warming up! The thermometer hit 70° today! In honor of such a wonderful occasion, I thought I’d share my top five Yankee Candle scents for spring! If you didn’t know this, my family loves Yankee candles. We have all sorts of scents all […]

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Christmas Display Photography

My house is full of little Christmas displays everywhere. For this shoot, I didn’t even take pictures of all of them because I had to cut it off somewhere, lol. Anyway, hope these help put you in the Christmas spirit! A few years ago, we bought a nutcracker figurine for every member of our family! […]

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~ Rainy Day Photography ~

Hello! How’s you fall been? For the most part, it’s been sunny for us… But not yesterday. Yesterday was rainy. So, logically, I took the opportunity to go out in the cold and rain and get my camera nice and wet. Anyway… I hope you enjoy these! I played around with the editing, so you’ll […]

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~Decorating Cookies~

The other night, my little brother Rowan and I decorated some gingerbread cookies, which he has been begging to do for a while. They are his favorite cookie, so my mom kindly made some dough and he helped cut out and ice them. I saw a blog opportunity… So I joined in with my camera. […]

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