New Ukulele

With some money I received for Christmas, I purchased a beautiful spalted maple ukulele. I wanted one that will last me a lifetime of playing, and I’m very happy with it so far! Maple has a bright, clear, full sound, which I wanted for versatility.  It seems quite well-made and is a pleasure to play. […]

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Colored Pencils

If you didn’t read my post about coloring books, you may not know that I like to color! in my desk drawer, I have an innumerable amount of colored pencils. On a dreary day like today (Saturday) some vibrant color is just what I needed to see 😉 In most of the pictures, while editing […]

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My mom loves antique clocks, and we have several at our house. I picked a few to photograph, and let me tell you, clocks are so much easier than cats. This first clock is mine. My grandfather gave it to me! This silver one could be my favorite. I think the back is so cool. […]

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