Quotes about Joy to Uplift You

I don’t know about you, but I don’t always feel like I have that Christian joy I’m supposed to have. Sometimes I can feel too busy or too tired to be joyful. But what is joy, really? Happiness is untested delight. Joy is delight tested. – Jack Hyles Although the fig tree shall not blossom, […]

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God’s Remedies

God is such a good God – I think if we just lived as he intended for us to live, we wouldn’t suffer many of the physical and mental problems that we experience. Science has proven that things God provided naturally have many health benefits. However, in our modern world, sometimes we miss out on […]

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Christmas Decorations 2019

My home always looks very festive this time of year, thanks to my Christmas-crazy mom. 🙂 I do love all her decorations, and I think this year they are especially beautiful. Here are shots of only some of the displays. It would have taken me hours to get pictures of them all! Here’s my room! […]

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Where Are the Thanksgiving Carols?

Thanksgiving seems to be a neglected holiday in some ways. People skip right from Halloween season to Christmastime (or even straight from summer to Christmas). But there are so many wonderful things about Thanksgiving! My mom and I were questioning why there isn’t really Thanksgiving music. Then, we realized that there is! Here are some […]

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My First Job

On Tuesday, I got my first job! The business was only the second one I’ve ever even sent my resume to. Praise God I found a job so quickly! What an answer to prayer! I’ll be working for a small company that does bus tours and charter bus rides. They needed someone to help with […]

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Jason Gray Concert

Last night, my mom and I went to a Jason Gray concert! It was wonderful. I got to hear him sing some of my favorite songs, and he also gave many personal testimonies about why he wrote them. If you didn’t know, Jason struggles with stuttering; he started off by admitting that, and that vulnerability […]

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A Homeschool Day in My Life

So far, my junior year has been good, but busy! I’m learning a lot and school takes up more time than ever before, although I expected that. The schedule I came up with has been working out. I’ve got enough time for the essentials, if not much else… 🙂 In the morning, I make my […]

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