Macro Spring Flowers

At last, we had a day with excellent conditions for macro flower photography! The air was still, and the light was golden. I hope you enjoy these shots! I had fun taking them, and looking through my lens, I was blessed with a chance to marvel at God’s detailed creation. Each flower is a masterpiece; […]

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Human eyes are unbelievably complex. I’ve seen some incredible pictures of human eyes, like this one from Pixabay. With my new lens, I took some pictures of my little brother Rowan’s eyes. I think I need some practice, but his eyes are quite striking! Oops. I spy a photographer. This next one is a favorite […]

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Fun with Light

For fun, I went through my pictures and selected a few that would be fun to edit. I edited each one two vastly different ways. Let me know which ones you prefer! Pair # 1 Pair # 2 Pair # 3 Pair # 4 Pair # 5 Pair # 6 Pair # 7 Literal meaning […]

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Fall Decorations

My mom loves decorating with candles, pumpkins, and dried flowers. I have seen some gorgeous fall decor photography, and I wanted to try my hand at it! Let me know in the comments which picture you like best. I always love to hear your perspectives! I agree with my mom in that the decorations look […]

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The School Room

School begins on Monday! I’m going into my junior year, the busiest year of school yet. As homeschoolers, we are blessed to have a separate room just for school. I took some pictures on Saturday of some things in the room. 1 2 3 4 I knew this picture is what I wanted as soon […]

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A Look Back

Since I am beginning school next week, I thought I’d create a post with one picture from every photography post I did this summer. Enjoy! May 5 ~ Bugs and Blooms May 12 ~ Dance Pictures May 19 ~ Close-up Creations May 26 ~ Bouquets June 2 ~ Food Photos June 9 ~ The Woodpile June […]

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Our Pink Diamond hydrangeas have been attracting so many pollinators this year! They’re so much fun to watch and photograph. We have a ton of fat, lazy bumblebees, but I decided the butterflies were prettier. The swallowtails were very photogenic – staying near me, posing in good light… However, the monarchs preferred to remain just […]

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God Painted the Sky

The other night, the clouds were absolutely stunning. I’ll let them speak for themselves. These photos are unedited, by the way! You can faintly see a rainbow in the bottom center of this next one. Look at the rain coming down over there! The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his […]

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Photography Fair Choices

In the fair this year, I challenged myself and entered a lot of categories. For most of them, I already had a picture that fit the qualifications and looked fair-worthy. 🙂 Here are my choices so far! They are still subject to change… But so far, this is what I have. Close-ups and Still Lives […]

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