Why Do We Have Free Will?

This is a more serious post than usual for this blog, but it is part of my “days.” 🙂 I wrote this essay for school, and my mom (who is also my teacher) helped me edit it after I turned it in. It’s about the existence of evil and free will. Let me know what […]

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An Interesting Essay

Lately, I’ve been writing scholarship essays. Fun stuff, right? 😉 Well, I though you guys might find this one interesting. The question was, “What is the importance of civic engagement and service learning?” “Civic engagement” and “service learning” are good practices in themselves, but they seem to be associated with progressive education and possibly socialism. […]

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Dinner with the Dietrichs, Part Two

Here’s the second half of the piece of dialogue I posted last week! Let me know what you thought. Jonas drops his shoulders and releases tension he didn’t realize he carried. Suddenly, he remembers the food in front of him. “So, who was this life-altering email from?” Before Amelie can reply, the kitchen door swings […]

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Creative Writing Fair Entry

Image credit Engin_Akyurt For my final entry in the 4-H fair, I wrote three rhymed poems. Don’t look so shocked! I’m trying to step outside my comfort zone. Anyway, here they are. All feedback is welcome. our healer we need a great physician in our sickness-ridden land to heal a black infection with his skillful, […]

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