My Tips on Applying for Scholarships

You may have been wondering, What is Shae up to? She’s been very inactive on the blogosphere lately.

Well, I have been extremely busy! I miss interacting with you guys more, but I’ve got different priorities that I did when I started my first blog at twelve years old. Now I have junk like work and college sucking up my time. 🙃

Lately, much of my time has been absorbed by applying for scholarships. College isn’t going to pay for itself, and I know many of you guys who read this blog are close to my age. I hope that you find these things I’ve discovered to be helpful as you look into scholarships yourselves!

  • Look for local scholarships. Many organizations in my hometown, such as the Rotary Club, Lions Club, and Minesterial Alliance, offer scholarships to local kids. Though I’m homeschooled, the public school district provided me with a list, and I’ve been working away at applying for whichever ones are open to me. Local scholarships are advantageous because of the small pool of people applying.
  • Check thoroughly into what your college offers. If you’ve chosen a college, or even narrowed it down to a few, definitely talk to your admissions counselor, search every nook and cranny of the website, sign up for the college newsletter… Do all you can to find out what aid you can get from your college. From what I’ve discovered about mine, there’s even more aid than I expected!
  • On any scholarship application, follow the instructions meticulously. From what I’ve heard, many people are disqualified because they didn’t follow directions. I always check my work several times to prevent silly mistakes.
  • Try to write intelligently. Be sure to use proper grammar. I’m sure your English teacher or the grammar geek in your life would be happy to help you out. In your writing, always be honest, and try to inject some personality (in a mature way)!
  • Save all your work. I was given that advice when I first began applying for scholarships. The logic was that people will probably ask for similar essays, such as “What community service have you done?” or “How will this award help you impact the world in your field?” For a while, I wasn’t able to do much reusing, but now that I’ve applied for so many, I’m doing a lot of copying and pasting, which saves hours of work.
  • Keep good records. I’m very thankful for my 4-H member record, which requires members to record various activities, awards, community services, and projects that they’ve been involved with every year. Referring to my record has saved me much brain-wracking. If you don’t have any record of your past achievements, start one! Add things as you do them or recall them. Pretty soon, you’ll be writing pages upon pages about what a saint you are. 🙂
  • Dedicate time. Of course, you’re not going to win any scholarships if you don’t apply for them. Sometimes, I know, all the work doesn’t feel worth a chance at a prize. But if you spend ten hours applying for three different $1,000 scholarships, and you receive one of them, you earn $100 per hour! That’s better than any part-time job I know of! Just be disciplined and set aside time, whatever that means for you.

And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him. – Colossians 3:17

Were these tips helpful for you?

If you’ve received scholarships in the past, what words of wisdom do you have for me?

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