A Day in Miss Potter’s Life


I’m Miss Potter, Shae’s cat.

I think it’s high time you guys learned a little more about my fascinating life, so I had Shae take some pictures to show you what a day in my life is like!

We begin when Shae’s alarm goes off. I watch her get ready for the day.

I make sure that she brushes her hair properly, since I’m an expert on grooming.

I sit on her desk and watch her make her bed. It’s my bed too, so I must ensure it’s done properly.

My breakfast comes next! She’s got her priorities straight.

After that, we read her Bible. I try to help her with things she doesn’t understand.

Once she’s finished with that, I spot her while she works out in the schoolroom. I’ve got to make sure she doesn’t drop a dumbbell on herself or anything.

She eats her breakfast after that, while I study her schoolwork. Once she starts school for the day, I’m ready to guide her through it.

I avail myself of her water when needed.

I guide her through her schoolwork from her lap.

I get a little annoyed when she takes a break.

When she’s done her work, she goes over it with her brother and mother. As usual, I oversee the proceedings.

During Shae’s lunch, I rest in my new barn that the Little One made me. I’ve nearly expended my energy at this point.

Shae goes to work all afternoon, but I patiently await her return from beneath the office Christmas tree.

I’m overjoyed at her return, and I keep her warm during dinner.

While she showers and prepares for the next day, I wait for her on the couch.

Shae likes to go to bed early, so I usually join her after she falls asleep. I didn’t have the heart to wake her and have her take a picture.

I’m sure that you were absolutely riveted by my typical weekday! Let me know what your favorite part was!

12 thoughts on “A Day in Miss Potter’s Life

  1. So clever and funny! You are certainly her main person. 🙂 I think my favorite photo was her sitting on your lap while you read your Bible. I didn’t know she did that until you told me. She takes her job of keeping you warm at all times very seriously.

    Liked by 1 person

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