What Is Your Favorite Christmas Memory? 

I am blessed to have many wonderful Christmas memories.

One memory is of being at my church during a candlelight service with everyone holding candles and singing about the real story of Christmas. It was so lovely and peaceful. 

I also remember receiving touching notes from both my parents at Christmas. You guys are awesome. 😊

Another memory I have is of being so excited to give my little handmade gifts to everyone. I made lots of things, from a knitted mug cozy to a popsicle stick ornament.

Decorating for Christmas has always been fun, and when I was younger, I liked to look at the lights on my Christmas tree as I fell asleep.

These are just a few little Christmas memories I thought of. I’m curious, though – what are some of your favorite Christmas memories? Leave them in the comments section!

Merry Christmas!

10 thoughts on “What Is Your Favorite Christmas Memory? 

  1. As I’ve celebrated 44 Christmases, it’s tough to narrow it down…but I think that my favorite has to be the “Millennium Falcon” Christmas. So much joy was expressed in those few moments – you know what I mean. And, also tying for first would be the Christmas Eve we went to the special church service with your grandparents. I was so moved – so blessed to be able to take that time and meditate upon the real reason for the season. I’m glad we are going again this year. 🙂

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  2. Similarly my church growing up did a Christmas Eve family service and we would sing all of the classic Christmas carols and we ended the service holding candles while singing The Old Rugged Cross. Love those memories! 💕

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