Cleaning Buses Is Actually Fun

During this season of thanksgiving, I am so grateful that both my brother and I were able to find a good job. God worked it out so well for us!

When considering what kind of job I wanted, I hoped that I wouldn’t get a job where I’d just be stuck sitting all day or something like that. I don’t like sitting at a desk! However, I wanted to be open to any sort of job I could get. I ended up finding a job at a bus company, where I clean buses inside and out. When there are no buses to clean, there are still all manner of odd jobs to do around the business. Hardly any desk work at all!

One of the first jobs I did on a bus was sweeping it. It took what felt like forever to sweep a bus that seats nearly fifty people. It was a little overwhelming at the time, but since then, I have come to truly enjoy cleaning buses. It’s very satisfying to finish a bus knowing that I did my best. 😄

Another wonderful blessing is that my boss and several of the employees are Christians. Being surrounded by Christian people is such a good atmosphere.

My brother was later hired by the same company, and we work together now! That’s a blessing, because my parents don’t have to drive me to work. He has a license, so he drives us.

Working is gratifying for me. I’m happy to start saving so early, and I’m very happy to have a job I enjoy. Praise the Lord! Jehovah jireh. 🙂

What was your first job?

12 thoughts on “Cleaning Buses Is Actually Fun

      1. I liked it 🙂 I was good at math, and so it was pretty easy. I also ended up answering the phones, scheduling the technicians, ordering parts, and dealing with pretty much everything. That would make it a little trying when you get into a column of numbers, and the phone would ring lol. But yeah it was fun 🙂

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