My First Time in “Real” School

This week, I went to school for the first time.

My entire life, I have been homeschooled, and that will continue this year too. šŸ™‚ But I also have to take a public driver’s ed course, so I go to school for one class period. It’s been really interesting!

My teacher graduated from college just this spring. She is doing a great job and seems very comfortable as a teacher. I even think she is a Christian, because she had a Bible verse on one of her signs!

So far, we’ve discussed how to get a permit and how to get a license. Today, we had to read about requirements for drivers under 21 years old and traffic laws. I hope I can get my permit and do some behind-the-wheel soon!

To be honest, it’s been weird for me to be in a school. I already knew some kids from church and dance, and everyone has been very nice. It’s just like how it was in High School Musical. Just kidding.

What is your best memory from school?

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12 thoughts on “My First Time in “Real” School

  1. Shae, I LOVE that photo you made at bottom! I’l have to use that as a desktop pic sometime, if that’s ok. It’s a GREAT reminder. GREAT encouragement!
    As for a memory, I don’t know about the BEST… but a favorite memory was in high school during the years of General Hospital and their Luke and Laura love story AND adventures. The school I attended went from 3:30-8:30 PM, and GH was from 3-4pm. The show was so popular (because of the couple) that one of our teachers (Mrs. Ball) allowed my brother to bring in a TV for her room. Everyone was welcome to watch, as long as you didn’t disturb the show. She started her first class AFTER the show AND previews for next episode were over. The principal (Mr. Ed) caught on and tried to stop it at first, but was so ticked at everyone (including Mrs. Ball) being obsessed that he just let us keep doing it… lol.

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  2. I really liked lunch because that was often when I was able to be with most of my friends. It was sad when we had different lunch periods so a couple of people were missing from the group.

    I agree with your mom, I’m your teacher isn’t breaking out into song about road safety xD LOL!

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