A Look Back

Since I am beginning school next week, I thought I’d create a post with one picture from every photography post I did this summer. Enjoy!

May 5 ~ Bugs and Blooms


May 12 ~ Dance Pictures


May 19 ~ Close-up Creations


May 26 ~ Bouquets


June 2 ~ Food Photos


June 9 ~ The Woodpile


June 23 ~ A Sweet Doggie Face


June 30 ~ Hydrangeas

IMG_ 9872

July 28 ~ Summer Woods


August 4 ~ God Painted the Sky


August 11 ~ Pollinators


I’ve had quite a summer. God has taught me so much. He has drawn me closer to him, and I’ve had lots of time to spend with him. Summer has always been my favorite season, and I’m so glad for all that happened this summer!

God has blessed us with such a truly wondrous world, and I hope these pictures were a blessing to you. Taking these pictures helps me to learn about God and what he has made. It is very humbling to see such a small portion of what he is capable of! Photography is also rewarding work, and you guys are so encouraging in the comments.

What did God teach you this summer?

Shae's Days banner late 2019


6 thoughts on “A Look Back

  1. I just love that sweet doggie face. 🙂 I would say that God taught me that beginning a project is half the battle toward completing it. As well, I was constantly reminded that spending time with him in the midst of busyness is always worthwhile.

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