An Essay about Miss Potter

My kitty, Miss Potter, loves me. She follows me around the house and sleeps with me at night. She rarely sit on anyone else but jumps on me the moment I sit down. Here’s the best part: she loves me so much that she blesses me personally with her hairballs.

For school last week, we had to write a personal essay. My brother wrote an awesome one. Mine is quite different 😂

I tried to make it comical yet truthful. Feel free to leave me your thought on my writing in the comments!

I was deep in the forests of dreamland. Several hours earlier, I had set off for that magical place, and I was enjoying myself so much I didn’t want to return for a long time. Suddenly, a horrible noise yanked me from my slumber. Crouched directly in front of my face was a fluffy little beast, my cat. She was the source of the disturbance. Her little body convulsed violently and she seemed to be gagging. Knowing the kitty had another hairball, I sighed, scooped her up, and hurled her across the room. Dealing with hairballs was a fairly common experience. Did I dare look at the clock? I brought it close to my nearsighted eyes and squinted… 2 a.m. Stupid cat. As I settled back under my duvet, promising myself I would clean it up later, a dreadful thought occurred to me. What if she had retched up her hairball onto something important? I sat back up and fumbled for my glasses and peered at the floor. Sure enough, the bile-coated log of matted fur was draped across the face of my kindle, and the creature responsible was perched next to it. She blinked mockingly, because she knew who held the power in this situation. I gave the cat a hateful look and went to get some cleaning supplies.

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