Colored Pencils

If you didn’t read my post about coloring books, you may not know that I like to color! in my desk drawer, I have an innumerable amount of colored pencils. On a dreary day like today (Saturday) some vibrant color is just what I needed to see πŸ˜‰

In most of the pictures, while editing I went for a bright, cheerful look. The first one here is my favorite.

IMG _9020IMG _9027

And I had to do a black and white one. Of course.

IMG_ 9023

I put the pencils on my beautiful desk. It’s so reflective!

IMG_9 025IMG_903 1

And now… The swirling vortex of colored pencils. Not quite.

With the way I edited them, the colors look very little-kid-toy-ish. Know what I mean? That’s what I was aiming for!

IMG_905 2IMG_905 7

I also like this one – the way the rows lead your eye around and back to the royal blue one.

IMG_9 036

Which is your favorite?

Have a wonderful Sunday!


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