Irresistible Pesto with Chicken and Broccoli 

Hey everyone! For lunch yesterday, my mom and I made a delicious chicken dish inspired by Beauty Beyond Bones’s Green Goddess Pesto Pasta. Honestly, I was skeptical about how it would taste after I heard what was in it… But my fears were relieved after the first bite! So yummy and unusual, so good for you, and so non-healthy-tasting, if ya know what I mean. 😜

Enough of this blather! Let’s get to the recipe!

Disclaimer: we didn’t exactly measure anything, so these are just estimates! Feel free to change it up.


For the pesto:

1 cup roasted broccoli

1/4 cup diced, roasted red onions

3 tbsp chopped pecans

1 tsp lemon juice

Salt and pepper to taste

Olive oil (until it becomes a paste)

For the base:

As much roasted broccoli as you need

As many cooked chicken breasts as you need

Note: these proportions should make enough pesto for two people, but like I said, adjust as necessary!


Chop broccoli and onions, toss with salt and oil, place on a greased baking sheet, and roast at 400° for at least 10 min, depending on how small you chopped the veggies. They are done when they just begin to get brown on the edges. Separate some of the veggies to use for the pesto.

For the pesto, throw everything in a food processor except the oil and whiz it up. Then, turn it on and drizzle oil in through the spout until it comes together.

Do whatever you like with the chicken breasts! We just had ours marinated and sauteed. You could bake them, poach them, or anything!

For serving, I topped it all with diced plum tomato, more pecans, and a few grates of Swiss cheese. And then, I had to take pictures fast because I wanted to eat it so badly! I could have actually just eaten the pesto out of the food processor, and been a happy girl. (I sort of did that anyway…)
I hope you enjoyed! My mom and I certainly did!

What’s your favorite food?

Would you like to see more recipes on Shae’s Days?

Comment below.

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